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save on magento support

Magento support can cost you thousands.

From just $79 a month, you will have your own support team.

support when you need it

With offices in the USA and Canada, we're always online.

Jump on live chat to say hello!

protect your magento site

A hacked site can kill your income and reputation.

We can help keep your site secure and up to date.

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Broken shopping cart? We can help!

Rada was ready to launch her brand new product. She tested her shopping cart and an error during checkout stopped her sales.

Our expert team solved the problem, fast!

Rada was thrilled with the rapid response and launched her new product without delay. 

Broken image slider? We can fix it.

Elliot needs his website to look perfect. When his image slider stopped working, he asked us to fix it for him.

Our expert team found the issue and solved the problem.

Elliot loved the fix and now calls our team his "Magento ninjas".

RSS or twitter problems? We'll fix that too.

Walter wants to keep his customers up to date. So when his RSS and Twitter feed stopped working, he emailed our team.

Our expert team solved his problem the same day.

Walter was sharing content with his audience in no time.

How we can help you

M Curve specializes in Magento support and small jobs that are important to you and your business. Here are some examples of the problems we can solve for you.


Modify your theme

Need a few small tweaks made to your Magento theme? We love fixing minor styling issues because we know the little things add up.

Keep Magento up to date

The security of your site matters. We will upgrade your Magento site to the newest Magento version and test your plugins and site to make sure they work once updated.

Increase social proof

Want a Facebook share button, a live Twitter feed or another social proof indicator added to your site? We will install, configure and test this for you.

Fix a broken page

A security warning or a broken page on your site might scare your potential customers away. We fix these problems every day, so you can trust us to fix it.

Help protect your site

Prevention is better than cure... especially with Magento site security. Simply ask us to scan your site for security and we will let you know if you have anything to worry about.

Find the best plugin

There's nothing worse than installing a new plugin and it breaking your site. We can help you find a better plugin and we will install it for you too.

Optimize your site

We use a range of tools to help review and optimize our client sites. Sometimes, you might need a better host. We will help you find the right host if you need us to.

Backup your site

Your site will be completely backed up before we make any changes. This backup is stored securely in Amazon S3, so you have two levels of protection.

get advice when you need it

We love helping our clients. When you have a Magento question, you can email us and we'll proactively find a solution for you.

i want something else!

Can't see your problem on this list? Simply ask us on live chat in the bottom right hand corner or contact us with your question - we will respond to you on the same day.

Meet the co-founders

M Curve is a worldwide team of Magento experts led by founders Sherwyn, Bence and Tim.


Sherwyn is an entrepreneur and software engineer, and completed his computer science degree at the University of Michigan. He previously founded Spoon, a chatbot meal delivery startup that served a number of prominent companies in Vancouver, including Hootsuite and A Thinking Ape. Sherwyn is based in Vancouver, BC and looks after operations.

Bence is a software engineer, and completed his computer science degree at Michigan State University. Bence is based in Houston, Texas and looks after operations and online marketing.

Tim is an entrepreneur, and completed his informatics degree at the University of Michigan. He previously founded Live Hires, a customer support company servicing e-commerce startups. Tim is based in Houston, Texas and takes care of customer development and partnerships.